The Shoebox Solution
Learn the 3 simple steps that will teach you how to rescue your favorite memories forever!
Rescue, Protect, and Preserve the moments that matter most.
It only takes 15 minutes each day...
All Of Life's Greatest Memories, Big & Small, Are Stored In Photos .
A Comprehensive Chronicle of Your Favorite Moments
Collecting Dust, Fading Away, Forgotten...
Take Your Family Photos From Your Garage, Basement, or Attic...
Learn How Simple and Fast it is to Scan and Preserve Your Memories Forever
Relive Your Precious Memories With Family, Friends, & Generations to Come
  • Take Your Time: Just 15 minutes each day and you'll be done in no time!
  • Multitask: Catch up on your favorite TV show, Podcast, Audiobook, or Sport! 
  • Share: Have a new memory every day to share with your loved ones!
  • Organize: Remember your favorite memories while you create a plan for your project!
  •   Scan: Let your photos live as they never have before! Print new ones, share to Social Media, and Stylize them! 
  • Backup: Never worry about them getting lost, damaged, or destroyed! 
  • REMINISCE: Tell your loved ones your favorite stories, exactly the way you remember them! 
  • SHARE: Make special new memories when you get your family together.
  • PRESERVE: Pass these memories on to future generations and preserve your legacy! 
Relive Your Wonderful Life
Share Your Stories & Preserve Your Legacy
Timeless stories that only you can tell! 
Grandma and Grandpa's Wedding Day...
Grandpa's Enlistment
Best... Christmas... EVER!
Build a Connection Across Generations
Enjoy Your Photos and Skip The Stress!
  • Relive: Remember in vivid detail events you've forgotten about, or that you don't often think about.
  • Relove: Feel that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes when remembering a favorite event, friend, or time. 
  • Pass it On: Give your loved ones stories to pass on and remember always. 
  •  Don't Stress: Never again worry about the safety of your photographs.
  •  Be Prepared: Even in an emergency, your photos will be safe and secure.
  • All Your Way: Save money and stress by taking this project into your hands, giving you total control!
Sadly, some people wait...
  • Fire Damage: Their photos were incinerated, with no chance to retrieve them!
  • Water Damage: Your photos will never be the same again...
  • Weathering & Decay: It doesn't have to be a massive disaster! Heat, Cold, Bugs, Humidity, and Sunlight damage them constantly, right under your nose...
Unlock the Precious Memories Of The Past
Just like this customer who got to show her grandson his grandfather who he never met...
Dear Mr. Blue, 
I want to thank you for turning the “wonderful past” into a way for me to show my beloved grandson the beautiful mother of his, his uncle, great grandparents, etc.
The most beloved is his grandfather, who my grandson does not remember, except the last days of Papa’s life while extremely ill in the hospital. 
Thank you again, G.M

You Can Do It Yourself - It's Easy
Just Fifteen Minutes per Day and You'll be Done in No Time! 
Things You'll Gain:
  • DIY: Learn the skills so you can scan all of your own photos exactly how you want!
  • Save Money: Don't hassle over which photos are worth the price of scanning.
  • Bring The Family Together: You don't have to do this project alone. Teach your family about their past, and pass on your legacy! 
  •  Printing: Print as many new photos as you want to share with whoever you want!
  •  Remix: Scrapbooks, slideshows, and much, much more! 
  • Love Your Memories: When they're this easy to access, you won't just put them back in the garage for months at a time. 
Reg. Price $297
Only $97
Learn to save and preserve the most important memories in your life.
It's simple, easy, and fun!
  •  Learn our simple and effective technique so your memories are at your finger tips
  •  Form a battle-plan for success
  •  Keep track of hundreds of photos easily
  •  Just 15 minutes/day
  •  Scan your photos with your family!
  •  As easy as pressing a button
  •  Make your photos look amazing
  •  Full step-by-step walkthrough
  •  Secure your photos when you’re done
  •  Cloud backups secure them forever!
  •  And... make them easy to share with friends and family
My name Is Brad,
Nice To Meet You!
I grew up on analog technology and found it slowly going out of style. So I found a way to preserve my music, home movies, and photos. I got pretty good at transferring photos and for the past 8 years I’ve owned and operated a photo, audio, and video preservation service. 

“thank you for turning the “wonderful past” into a way for me to show my beloved grandson the beautiful mother of his…” 
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